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Why Gem?

On-Time Delivery:

Not only does GEM offer leading edge through Technology but we deliver products and solutions on time.


GEM delivers cost-effective solutions for the market.

Long-Term Relationship

We at GEM always work towards building long term relationship with our clients.

The Management

The strength of GEM team is not only technical & project management expertise,but also the trained manpower.We go the extra mile to deliver good quality products with an objective to exceed customer expectations.


GEM’s proven methodology, best practices approach & work management experience ensures that you will be satisfied with our service,professionalism and final product.
GEM is better placed than anyone else to develop and produce batteries that will meet the energy requirements of the most demanding and advanced applications, anytime, anywhere and under any conditions. Thanks to our decades of experience and know-how in the area of Automotive,Tubular and Inverter Batteries. Our R&D is a manifestation of our belief in quality and innovation.We see our R&D capabilities as a vital component of our business strategy that will provide the company with a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. At GEM,we have a good pool of employees who are engaged in path-breaking research and are working on bringing world-class technologies to the consumer at the least cost.
Salient Features & Comparison :

For Battery

  • ELDC (Extra Life Deep Cycle German Technology)
  • HCCA Technology
  • Calcium Maintenance free Battery with Calcium Grid Technology
  • Highly puncture-resistant Daramic-USA seperator minimizes the possibility of internal short circuits
  • World-class spine manufacturing process using state of the art ZIBO pressure dia-casting machines
For Inverter & SPCU
  • Monitoring/Data logging feature for better system information at user end (optional).
  • DSP based design with absolute and stable sine wave output.
  • State of art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with dynamic stability.
  • Three Stage Solar Charging (TSSC) suitable for all types of battery charging.
  • Combined mains and solar intelligent constant current charging with solar power priority
  • PV availability, battery charging from solar power indication with display on LCD.
  • Protections such as Mains MCB Trip, Overload, Short circuit, Battery low, over temperature indication with buzzer as well as display on LCD available.
  • Maximum Solar Power Utilization during charging and backup mode. @ PV pole reversal protection indication on LCD
  • Deep discharge battery charging from mains as well as solar.

1. How many hours a battery will run?

Ans. According to lord chart

Fans Light Recommended inverter (watt) Battery Volt 5 Hrs 3Hrs 2 Hrs 1Hrs
1 1 100 12 100 AH 75 AH 40 AH 40 AH
1 2 200 12 150 AH 100 AH 75 AH 40 AH
2 2 300 12 170 AH 150 AH 100 AH 75 AH
2 4 400 12 200 AH 200 AH 150 AH 100 AH
3 4 500 12 180AH X 2(p) 200 AH 200 AH 155 AH
5 5 800 12 150 AH X 2(S) 150 AHX2 (S) 150 AH X 2(S) 200 AH
8 10 1400 12 150 AH X 2X2(S,P) 150 AH X 4 (S,P) 200 AH X 2(S) 150 AH X (S)

2. Life of the battery

Ans. Battery has a cycle life, so it all depends on how many cycles we use in a day and that is what decides the battery life.

3. What is battery warranty?

Ans. Each battery has a flat warranty as well as Prorata warranty. So customer should refer to warranty policies before buying a battery.

4. Replacement process

Ans. Replacement process depends upon warranty policy. There are two types of Warranties: A)  Flat Warranty – In it, Customer will get replacement in the mentioned period. b)   Prorata warranty—Customer will get discount on prevailing MRP. Before buying, we advise you to go through the entire Warranty Terms and Conditions.

5. Cost of battery

Ans. A) Cost of new battery—its according to MRP b) Cost of Replaced Battery—kindly make sure that you are getting price for old battery also

6. Frequency of topping water.

Ans. For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, it is recommended that you should pour battery grade water into battery after every 2-3 months

7. If any problem in battery during warranty, where to report. i.e Dealer or company customer care .

Ans. If company is giving onsite warranty, then you should report to company. Else you should contact the dealer.

8. How your battery is better than other leading brands.

Ans. GEM batteries has come up with new technology i.e. HCCA technology for Automotive batteries which ensures that our batteries are designed for harsh terrain and extreme conditions and ELDC Technology for inverter battery which makes sure that your battery perfomrs in worst power conditions . ( for more information on these technologies, kindly visit our website

9. How much AH battery is recommended for home?.

Ans. It depend upon the consumption of home.

400 VA 88 – 135 AH
600VA 150 – 180 AH
800 VA 150 – 200 AH

10. Can computer run on battery and for how many hours?

Ans. Yes, you can run your Computer on battery but it depends on a) How many other appliances are also running at the same time. b) Also on inverter size , preferably it should be a sine wave inverter

11. Is GEM Battery dry or flooded battery?

Ans. GEM Batteries are low maintenance; lead acid batteries. So nature of this battery is said to be flooded battery.

12. How many number of batteries are required for my inverter?

Ans. Number of batteries required for inverter depends on Inverter, circuit voltage e.g.

Circuit voltage battery required
12V 1
24V 2
36V 3
48V 4
and so on....

13. How the fumes from battery affect our health, home?

Ans. Ideally the invertor battery should be installed where air circulate.

14. Where shall I place the battery at my home?

Ans. Battery is being used with your inverter, both should be placed together and treat them as your TV and the way you wont put your TV under the open sky, don't put them either. So it is always advised to keep them at the comfortable place, so that they can be maintained properly and easily

15. How should I maintain the battery?

Ans. For the longer life of battery and good battery performance, you should pour battery grid water into battery after every 2-3 months.

16. How many CFLs and TV can run on single battery?

Ans. It depends upon rating of your inverter as well as CFL and TV Brands because different brand CFLs & TV draw different amount of peak current from input.

17. Can I use 2 batteries in a single battery inverter?

Ans. No. You should not use 2 batteries if it's a single battery inverter