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Product - Traction Batteries

Capacity Weights And Dimensions
  5Hr Capacity Dimensions
Cell Dry Weight Pole's qty Wet Weight
Battery Model Ah L W TH Voltage Kg.   Kg.
8VBS400 400 141 158 420 2 20 2 or 4 27
9VBS450 450 157 158 420 2 22.5 2 or 4 30
10VBS500 500 173 158 420 2 24.5 2 or 4 33
11VBS550 550 189 158 420 2 27 4 36

Salient Features:

Traction Batteries
  • Ready-to-Use: Batteries supplied are ‘WET CHARGED' / ‘DRY CHARGED’

  • Robust Design: ‘Tubular Positive Plates' Made of Special Alloy for Extra Strength

  • Conform to DIN and BIS Standards

  • Suitable for Indigenous as well as Imported Electric Vehicles

  • Approved suppliers to Indian, European and Japanese OEMs of

  • Material Handling Equipments

  • Safe to Operate, No Acid Leakage - Batteries are ‘Heat Sealed'

  • Higher Efficiency, Guaranteed Performance, Longer Service Life
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