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Technical Innovations by Gem Batteries



Green initiative taken by Gem Batteries

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Technical Innovations by Gem Batteries




Green initiative taken by Gem Batteries

GEM has launched another initiative towards contributing its bit for Mother Nature, and has implemented a solar power generation system at its H.O. in Delhi - Mohan Co-op. Industrial Estate office. The project was flagged-off recently by the MD of the company Mr. N. M. Gupta by cutting off the ribbon on the 8 nos. of PV panels mounted on the roof-top of HO building at MCIE.

The off-grid system developed by M/s Magnatek Enterprises - a sister concern of Gem Batteries is a Hybrid System comprising of the following:

  1. Hybrid Inverter / Home UPS
  2. Integrated Solar Charge Controller
  3. Photo Voltaic Cells
  4. Control cum Protection Panel with junction box

The above system is capable of taking electrical input in three ways:

  1. Only Solar - through PV cell
  2. Dual Mode - Solar as well as Grid (with preference to Solar mode)
  3. Only Grid

The system has been designed in such a way that at designated time of day, it cuts the grid supply and runs on the battery bank, thereby reducing the unit consumed through grid supply. This arrangement has the following impacts:

  1. Contribution towards the Corporate Social Responsibility of GEM
  2. Decreasing the carbon footprint
  3. Reducing the electricity bill paid to Discoms

Gem Batteries therefore has become one of the few companies with focus on Green Energy and has also introduced some Solar Specific Battery Models to cater to the growing demand in this field.