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From the desk of Chairman

"Rather than dealing with circumstances, taking a stand in the circumstances that has been my learning over the years and I enroll my team members to adhere to this principle laid by GEM.

This principle has helped us sail through the adversities and tough circumstances.

Now GEM is better placed than anyone else to develop and produce batteries that meet the energy requirements of the most demanding and advanced applications, anytime, anywhere and under any conditions. Thanks to our decades of experience and know-how in the area of Automotive, Tubular and Inverter Batteries.

Our R&D is a manifestation of our belief in quality and innovation. We see our R&D capabilities as a vital component of our business strategy that will provide the company with a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage. At GEM, we have a good pool of employees who are engaged in path-breaking research and are working on bringing world-class technologies to the consumer at the least cost."


Core Team

N.M.GuptaMr. N.M.Gupta, our Managing Director has over 37 years of experience in the Industry and is considered as one of Stalwarts of the Industry. His life has been marked by a burning desire to be a successful entrepreneur. He Graduated in Bsc (Chemistry). Having won many prestigious awards , Mr.Gupta has proved that a commitment to technology and an avid thirst for knowledge can be an effective mix for continuing success. We have grown strength to strength under the leadership of Mr. N.M. Gupta. His extensive experience in the relevant field has enabled us to develop in-depth understanding of the global clients.
Rahul GuptaMr. Rahul Gupta, CEO of the Company , is an able technocrat with a blend of Entrepreneur mind. He always ensures that his team stays abreast of developments in the field all over the world and devises ways of using today's science and technology to create newer, better products for tomorrow. He is responsible for research and development, technical advancement, product innovation, Quality, process improvement, automation and IP besides handling the Manpower and Finance Portfolios. He is a quick decision maker and adapts easily to change. He ensures cost control, while never compromising on product quality.
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