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Product - Flat Plate Batteries

Capacity Weights And Dimensions
  Capacity C.C.A RC Dimensions (+/- 3)
Dry Weight Electrolyte
Battery Model 20 hr. 5 hr. (amps) (MIN) L W TH Kg. Volume (ltrs.)
GP-1400 135 AH 108 AH 765 230 500 220 255 28 13
GP-1500 150 AH 120 AH 925 245 500 220 255 30 11.5
GP-1800 170 AH 136 AH 860 295 515 275 265 33.5 17

Salient Features:

  • Extra thick plates ensure long life

  • Special alloy used – very low maintenance

  • Inter partition connection-good voltage profile on discharge

  • Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing

  • Good charge acceptance – suitable for frequent power cuts

  • Level indicators aid easy maintenance


These batteries are best suitable for high ambient temperature and partial state of charge usage, they are used in various applications like domestic inverters, off grid solar photo voltaic system, home lighting systems, alarm systems, signaling equipments and remote telecom units.

Key Advantages

  • Medium to very long service life - ranging from 2.5 - 4 years for Deep Cycle design and up to 7 - 10 years for ultra Deep Cycle Tubular design. Depending on depth of discharge, frequency of cycling and battery temperatures.

  • Compact size with high specific energy. Accomplished by special design of plates containers and separators.

  • Very low water topping up frequency. Special alloy plates cause LOW or NO water loss from battery.

  • Highly puncture resistant DARAMIC-USA seperator to prevent short-circuits, better and quick charge acceptance.

Better Design: Better Performance

Thick flat pasted plates with selenium grids and automated vapour; curing process generates suitable proportion of binding crystals in the plates

The Result

  • Much longer cycle life that most of the flat plate batteries in the world.
  • A cycle life of over 500 - 600 cycles under deep discharge conditions is delivered.
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