• Ceil Tubular Batteries have the spines or the posve plate support cast at high pressure (100 Bar) in imported HADI machine which ensures void free structure and consistant grain orientaon and can protect the plate support from anodic corrosion. This in turn ensures higher reliability and longer life. Ceil Tubular plates are also cast with low anmony content which reduces the topping up frequency, making the battery low maintenance type. This also keeps the float charging current at a lower value, thus minimises the total energy requirement needed to keep the battery in charged condion during standby float applicaon.


  • Specially Designed For arduous SPV applicaon
  • Manufacturing with Tubular Technology which stands for reliable and consistent performance
  • Designed to operate in paral state of change condition.
  • Ideally designed for cyclic applicaon.
  • Superior voltage and energy output profile.
  • Excellent charging efficiency:
    AH efficiency - In excess of 90%
    WH efficiency - In excess of 80%
  • Service life comparable with the best of the internaonal Brands.
  • Designed cycle life at C10 discharge at 25°C :
    1500 cycle to 80% DOD
    3000 cycles to 50% DOD
    5000 cycles to 20% DOD
  • Supplied in factory charged condion - ensures opmal quality and ready to us.
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Low rate of self discharge
  • 6V mono-blocks are supplied with Ms Cabinet (fied suitable exhaust system) or MS Stand (knock down condion) in 48V configuraon - ideally designed for outdoor applicaon



  • Solar Home Lighng
  • Solar Street Lighng
  • Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • Taffic Signalling