Research and Development

Gem batteries has separate R&D and developing, testing new products unit, with a mandate to dream, think and build independently. The R&D unit has the people, the equipment, the freedom and the backing of the top management. Research and development is done by qualified and experienced group of Engineers with Bitrode / Fluke / Spector test facilities.

R&D with team of vast experienced technical professional in consultations with fully dedicated for the development & improvement of batteries with target of smaller size, increased energy density, faster recharge capabilities & longer life in their existing range of batteries.


GEM ISGERMAN TECHNOLOGY BATTERIES come in a polypropylene container. Apart from being tamper proof & leak proof, it is Heat Sealed with Intelligent air tight construction. With high efficiency grid design and latest glass mat & PE envelope separator technology from World’s No.1, DARAMIC, U.S.A, GEM battery packs in more power and gives longer life. Besides these, GEM utilizes lead of 99.994% purity & High bride Alloy to manufacture world class batteries which are tested under JIS & IS STANDARD for both Automotive & Tubular in controlled process.

Technical Innovations by Gem Batteries


  • As a battery enthusiast, we at GEM, keep on evolving ourselves & now GEM has come up with new technology i.e.HCCA German Technology.
  • It is our pleasure to say that HCCA is HIGH COLD CRANKING AMPERES Technology which means our batteries are designed for harsh terrain and extreme conditions.
  • Unlike other batteries, which go off in extreme conditions but GEM’s (German Innovation) will never let you down in your Car life and performance & GEM will always be your reliable partner for life.


  • As we all know that India is a vast country and so is the power demand. Power is life line in today’s world, so to overcome with this problem we go for alternate backup i.e. inverter & battery.
  • Battery is main source which gives power to your appliances and it has property of going in charge and discharge state.
  • To address this typical characteristic of battery i.e. going in deep discharge state GEM has come up with new technology ELDC – Extra Life Deep Cycle German Technology). With this technology, GEM battery will perform even in worst power scenario & gives you peace in the darkest hour of your life.
  • So, when you buy a GEM battery, you are buying a complete peace for yourself and for your family.

Testing Facilities and Equipments

GEM Batteries has invested in the resources necessary to fully qualify our batteries, before they are implemented in the field. Test and validation procedures shorten the development time for batteries, as well as ensure those products work in the extreme environments and usage models for which they were created. GEM BATTERIES has many testers, with more than 100 test channels to profile cell and pack performance. In addition, several environmental chambers are available for temperature and humidity qualification.

Life Cycle Tester

This m/c is used for testing of current caring Caring capacity at different rate for e.g. C1,C5,C10,C20 , reserve capacity and charge appetent test are done on Automotive battery, last but not least endurance test and life cycle test are carried out on this m/c.

Kraft Powercon Charger

We have high performance battery charger , charger are programmable (HMI + SCAAD control),these chargers are pulse charging , constant voltage and constant current charging options, auto on off according to battery temp. Setting, charger transfer electricity to mains supply while discharging.

Pressure Die Casting M/C (PDC)

PDC is modern tetanic of spine casting which insure no blow holes and high density of lead in the spines, this method of casting give long life of the spines, and its molecules are to closer which give strength to spine from corrosion.

Curing Chamber

We have HYGRO CURING CHAMBER which is the latest technology of plates curing and drying, it can programmable as per curing needs , It is HMI control it can control Humidity & oven temp. Plates temp. As per required specification its stored data for future reference.

Hight Rate Discharge (HRD) with hot and cold chamber:


With this m/c we can test the cracking ability of the automotive battery in different temp. Range 100 to 1000 AMPS current capacity M/c is SCAAD control and can be programed as per JIS/ IS testing procedure.

Moisture Anilaser

Moisture Anilaser is the latest technic to Anilaser the moisture contents in the material like, Oxide, wet Paste, negative plate , carton, thermo Cal & Positive plate.

OES (Spectrometer)

Through this M/C we can check the material composition this m/c is highly precision and give result up to 1000 ppm.

Testing Lab