Gem Polycrystalline solar is made by pouring molten silicon into a cast. However, because of this construction method, the crystal structure will form imperfectly, creating boundaries where the crystal formation breaks. This gives the polycrystalline silicon its distinctive, grainy appearance, as the gemstone type pattern highlights the boundaries in the crystal.

Because of these impurities in the crystal, polycrystalline silicon is less efficient when compared with monocrystalline. However, this manufacturing process uses less energy and materials, giving it a significant cost advantage over monocrystalline silicon. (Polycrystalline and multicrystalline are often synonyms, but multicrystalline is often meant to refer to silicon with crystallites larger than 1 mm.)



Electrical Data @STC 100  WP 160  WP 260 WP 325WP
Nominal maximum Power (Pmax) 100 W 160 W 260 W 325 W
Short Circuit current (Isc) 6.3 A 8.95 A 8.62 A 8.90 A
Operating Voltage (Vmp) 17.9 V 18.56 V 31.75 V 38.30 V
Operating Current (Imp) 5.7 A 8.64 A 8.22 A 8.51 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.6 V 21.6 V 38.08 V 46.60 V
Module Efficiency % >14 >15 15.86% 16.91%
Operating Temperature Minus 40o C to +80oC Minus 40o C to +80oC Minus 40o C to +80oC Minus 40o C to +80oC
maximum System Voltage 600V 1000V 1000V 1000V
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10 amp 10 amp 15 amp 15 amp
Application Classification 10 10 Class A Class A
Power Tolerance 3% 3% 3% 3%
Under Standard Test Condition (STC) of irradiance of 1000 w/m2, spectrum AM
1.5 and cell temperature of 25o C
Solar cells Polycrystalline 52 mm x 156.75 mm Polycrystalline 9×4 Polycrystalline  156 mm x 156 mm (6”) Polycrystalline
156 mm x 156 mm (6”)
Cell Orientation 36 cells 36 cells 60 cells (10×6) 60 cells (10×6)
Module Orientation 1086x666x35 mm3 1495x666x35 mm3 1639x982x42x mm3 1639x982x42x mm3
Weight (Kgs) 10.5 kg 12.5 kg 18.5 kg 18.5 kg
Front Class 3.2mm toughened  texture glass 3.2mm toughened
texture glass
3.2mm toughened texture glass 3.2mm toughened
texture glass
Back Sheet N/A N/A White White
Frame Anodized aluminum Alloy N/A Anodized aluminum Alloy Anodized aluminum Alloy
junction Box IP65 IP65 IP67 , 3 Diode IP67 , 3 Diode
Cable & Connectors N/A N/A 4mm² AWG 1000
V/MC 4 connectors
4mm² AWG 1000
V/MC 4 connectors
Temperature Coefficient (Pmax) (-) .43% 10 Year Product Workmanship Warranty 60 Cells series 16.91%
Temperature Coefficient (Voc)    (-) .36% 25 Year Linear Power Warranty POWER RANGE POSITIVE POWER TOLERANCE
Temperature Coefficient (Isc)     (-) .06% 100 – 325 W 0Q – 5W