• For α-plus German technology is one of the world’s most advanced technology in battery industries. α-plus technology is specially design for deep cycle applicaon like Golf Cart , Safa tempo & E-vehicle applicaon. In this technology, Grid & Paste goes under special curing design, in which the molecular structure of paste is according to α-plus design. The alpha paste molecular structure give high tensile strength to battery plate which does not let battery goes into deep cycle.
  • This design is *patented by GEM Baery under the strict supervision of its core R&D & technical team.


  • GEM low-maintenance batteries ensure proven exceponal Cold Cranking performance sufficient AH capacity with its unique design of grids, special Alloys, low-resistence separator material and state of art quality assured manufacturing process and importantly it also ensures durability in high temperature and rechargeability aer deep discharge.


  • Fasten the battery firmly to the vehicles battery cradle so that it is free form vibraons and ensure correct connecon to the +ve and-ve terminals
  • Battery top, plugs should always be kept clean and dry.
  • Never add acid in the battery.
  • Watch that the electrolyte in the battery is maintained upto the upper level and use only demineraised/ dislled water for topping up.
  • Periodically, remove the battery from the vehicle, clean the Clamp, Cradle, Terminal Posts etc. Use
  • Petroleum jelly to avoid corrosion. Do not use grease.
  • The Alternator, Sepf Start, Regular and such parts which may effect the fuconning of the beery should be checked regularty


  • Tubular posive plates consisng of low maintenance alloy grids and properly balanced acve material
  • Thick pasted negave plates in dry charged condion for quick commissioning
  • Imported high quality polyethylene separators
  • Heat sealed polypropylene containers and covers ensure leak proof batteries thereby ensuring operator safety
  • Quality assurance provided by clearly defined stascal quality control methods at every stage of manufacturing
  • Assured high efficiency as well as long & dependable service life Guaranteed performance and proven reliability